lördag 9 maj 2015

The Tailstompers tale....

So this is it then, the first of hopefully many more posts on this blog. It will take you, my future readers and followers, down the horror-filled road of wargaming madness. It will raise questions such as;

Why is there always a new project on Bartosz's mind? How much more money can one possibly spend on tiny soldiers and plastic houses? Another miniature game, really!? Is he totally nuts?

But I do hope that this blog also will inspire and amuse you, since this passion and hobby gives that perfect dose of healthy escapism - and after all, it's way better than being an alcoholic. Not necessarily cheaper though... 

For starters I'll throw in a pic of my newest ongoing project; 20mm polish infantry for some Chain of Command -games that me and my wargamingfriend (lets call him Krieger for now...) are planning in the future.
The figures are HAT industrie and First to Fight 1/72 scale soft plastics. I do hope to get some metal ones, maybe Wargames Foundry minis to replace some of the boring HAT-poses and add variation.
See you again soon!

/Bartosz (the Tailstomper)

Only 40 more to go...

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