torsdag 23 juli 2015

FoW - Israeli tanks and infantry

I've been quite busy lately, and among other things I've finished some of my Israelis for Flames Of War and their Arab-Israeli Wars – the ”Fate of Nation” book.The period here is the 1967 "Six-day war".

So, let's get on with it then! All figures are Battlefront. I liked the tanks a lot, with nice detail. The infantry has great poses (the sculpts somehow remind me of Peter Pig's minis...), though the helmets could have been better, with the netting and the bicycle inner tubes holding the helmet covers barely there on some places. The uniforms look great though. I took the photos with my Canon Proshot1, but I still have to learn to use focus properly on such small objects. Most of the time, figures and tanks not in the middle of the pic get blurred. Taking good photos of your minis is truly an art!

The infantry is painted with slightly greener colours than suggested by Battlefront (when they still used Vallejo-colours, that is). I used US dark green highlighted with Russian Uniform for my figures. The helmets are German camo beige, as is most of the webbing. The inspiration here was colour photos found on the internet. Finally, I mixed both darker and lighter skin colours among the men in this platoon, as suggested by period photos as well.

The whole platoon ready for some desert action.

The command section, with and extra Blindicide.

Three squads. BF's figures all have FN-FALs and a few UZI's, though photos I've seen show some Lee-enfields, Garands in use in -67 as well..

Weapons section. The bases are painted with english uniform, German camo pale brown, German camo beige and lastly dark Sand. The edges are painted with US Field Drab.

The FN-FAL LMG. The final tounch to the desert bases was some clump foliage, static grass and tufts from various sources, inspired by photos from the Sinai desert - not always as barren as one might think!

The S'hots and AMX-13's were painted with Vallejo colours, mostly green grey mixed with some German Camo Beige. They were weathered with various washes, some MIG-powder (mainly the exhausts) and lightly sprayed with some Vallejo Yellow Sand. Oh, and the chippings were made with a sponge and some German dark Camo Brown, and highlighted with an Ivory+green grey mix (as were some raised edges, to give that 3d-cartoonish effect I like on my figures).

A full platoon of AMX-13's. I like the speed stripes!

It was a small tank indeed...

...but very cool, in my opinion.

I like the sagging on the tracks, good work BF!

Ah, one of the better looking tanks in world history - the Centurion, or as it was called in Israel - the S'hot.

Really good models, a pleasure to paint - couldn't stop myself from adding more and more detail!

Sweden used some too, and so did Denmark - I'll paint some for the latter for a cold war gone hot project some day. Really. I will.

MIG-powders really made the exauts look the part.

The other day, during a game, none of the four got any penetrating hits - and killed everything that the Jordanians tried to throw at them!

The whole platoon assembled.

Hope You'll like it! 


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