lördag 7 november 2015

Commission work - Infinity Corregidor Starter set

About a week ago I finished a small commission for a friend. I don't do these to often, nor do I claim to be the best at it, but I think he was satisfied with the work! 

The Infinity figures are very well sculpted, and overall I liked the poses. Though someone really should tell people that women in uniform tend to look like men in uniforms, not like pinups. And that sports bra's might be an option in the future aswell. 

On the other hand, realism is not really an option in this Anime-inspired game. It's just that a bit of variation wouldn't hurt. The same goes for the male models, though I wouldn't mind having a tight butt like that! I have to work out more...eh...start to...nevermind, I'll just talke another piece of that cake instead.

The brush strokes are far too heavy, in my opinion, and the lighting effect only worked to some degree. I may have to work more on the yellow, too - a hard colour if any to work with!

I have some more to do in the near future, maybe I'll even give it a try with my airbrush (that is, if the compressor holds up - the other day, it gave up for a brief time during painting, coughing and generally giving me a scare).

Hope you'll like them!


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